Dodge Motorhome Brakes

While there is a lot of data already loaded on the reference pages, they are still under construction.

For parts that are listed as no longer, there are several places that can recondition your existing parts. While the prices maybe higher, for some things they are the only resource avialable. Additionally, they may be the only ressource for some brake parts. One of the best resources for locating these companies is the classified section of Hemmings Motor News.


  1. While I have assembled a large amount of data in one place, almost all of it is from other resources so double check to verify you are getting the correct part.
  2. Most Dodge MH chassis versions are listed at the Bendix site. M300 is listed under Dodge Truck. All other versions are listed under Dodge. The NAPA P/N's listed on the Bendix site use an old NAPA format and are likely to be incorrect. Cross reference the Bendix number at the NAPA site.
  3. 1969-73 M375 - Info can be combined with M300 or listed seperate as M400.
  4. 1973-74 - General rule of thumb, RM350 is listed as M400; RM375 is listed as M500; RM400 is listed as M600.
  5. Because of the coding used in the Dodge MH Parts maual, it can be confusing at times to determine which part number you need. You not only need the year model, you need the chassis key code from the first page of the parts manual. The following table is a condensed version of the key code information.

    Model 1969-73 1973-74 1975-Up
    M300 M3 ------- M3
    M375 M4 ------- -------
    RM300 ------- R3 (M300) -------
    RM350 ------- R4 (M400) -------
    RM400 ------- R5 (M500) -------
    M400 ------- ------- M4
    M500 ------- ------- M5
    M600 ------- ------- M6

  6. The following vacuum booster cross reference information is buried in the Dodge MH Parts manual. I am listing it here for convience.

    Chrysler Bendix Midland
    3549079 2509788 C-4068-C
    3549080 2509786 C-4604-A
    3632657 2510958 -------
    3632844 2509794 -------
    3632846 2510965 -------
    3633549 2510090 -------
    3732195 2510728 -------
    3744424 2510764 -------
    3893594 2511572 -------
    4030334 2512063 -------
    4031352 2770004 -------